About HEMP, the novel:

By Nini Martino and Zack DiLiberto

HEMP is the saga of fifth generation hemp-farmer, Noble Burnett, and his beautiful, unconventional daughter, Kate. As they struggle to keep their hemp farm intact through the throes of the Great Depression, the Burnetts discover, much to their dismay, that the failing U.S. economy is the least of their problems. A powerful anti-hemp lobby is bent on destroying their livelihood.

The barons of the petrol-chemical and tree-paper industries had long viewed industrial hemp as a growing threat to their interests. But with major breakthroughs in hemp processing and rumors of Henry Ford’s hemp-mobile materializing, the hemp-threat becomes intolerable to the barons, and they conspire to obliterate it.

A string of coincidences converge to their advantage: Prohibition is repealed, leaving its disciples without a cause. An obscure drug, marijuana, is vilified, and falsely equated with industrial hemp. A frustrated Prohibitionist is appointed chief of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics; and Prohibition is back - hemp, tagged as marijuana, its new target!

In keeping with history, the story of HEMP ends badly. Prohibition, in all of its madness, rages on, while hemp, and its promise of a green revolution are eliminated! Nevertheless, with guidance from an extraordinary source, the resilient Burnetts find peace and escape despair. The questions they pose at a 1937 Senate hearing, moreover, continue to haunt the reader, and provide a glimmer of hope:

"What shall we tell the children, Senators? How shall we explain this folly? And when will we put it right?"

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